Skaka Loss – Shake it Loose – African Roots

Dancing is an expression of an emotion, a way to connect to others and to the community; when we dance together we all belong. This class is inspired by traditional and urban dance from Mozambique but also from other parts of Africa. Instead of learning what is right and wrong, you are invited to explore your own movements without judgements. The live drums make you to feel your body, connect to others and connect to the ground. The African continent, has 54 countries and thousands of tribes and tradition, but still there is something that unites them. African roots in dance are about finding your emotional expression, storytelling through your movements and dancing from within. You don’t think dance, but feel it and let the rhythm move you. Every class ends with the circle which in African traditions is important in so many ways. Everything from mourning, to problem solving to celebration part from the circle. In our circle you are invited to receive from the people around you and express whatever is alive in you.