East African Tantra -Women’s Sacred Sexuality

Coming up: Tanzanian Kitchen Party! See calendar for upcoming dates.

In many African tribes across the continent, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa, around the age of 15 there is a rite of passage held where girls step into womanhood. At this time they are also taught traditional dances where they learn how to appreciate their own bodies, move their waist in a pleasurable way and even how to make love. Similar rituals but deeper are held before marriage. This knowledge has been passed on through generations and gives girls and women an opportunity to be confident and knowing what they want and do not want when it comes to sexuality.

Lisa has studied dance and rituals in Mozambique and collaborates with Sony Soniz and Faith Wangui who are professional dancers and where brought up with similar traditions in Kenya. Lisa also collaborates with Julieth Chuwa and together host a traditional Tanzanian “Kitchen Party” – the women’s ritual before marriage.

The East African Tantra is always part of the Dance into your Lust program.

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