Life Is Rhythm – African Roots

Dancing is an expression of an emotion, a way to connect to others and to the community; when we dance together we all belong.

This concept was founded by Lisa Josefsson and Celso Paco from Mozambique. Like Life is Rhythm on FB or Join the Skaka Loss group for updates on events.

What is Life is Rhythm?
This class started with the name Skaka Loss in 2015, which means Shake it Loose in Swedish, has for over four years united people in Stockholm around the drum to dance as a community. No matter where you are from, who you are, you are welcome.

Life is Rhythm as a concept goes beyond dance moves and choreographies to find our inner dancer, where we can express our emotions, connecting ourselves to the African Roots. We don’t see any contradiction in celebrating the differences of the thousands of tribes and different cultures and costumes of the African continent, but at the same time acknowledging what is it that brings African peoples together.

When we talk about African Roots we refer to: The rhythm and the drum, the emotional expression and storytelling, the energy and body movements, the community and the spiritual connection. It comes down to inviting every individual to be their authentic self with the help of the music. These rich cultures can show us who we can be through learning the different traditional dances.

Life is Rhythm is a dance concept with the purpose of healing and community building while honoring the wisdom of African cultures.