Dance into Your Sexuality

(For all genders or women only)

This workshop invites you on a journey discovering why sexuality and dance is essentially the same thing. What many people are longing for is finding that flow that comes from within us, when there are no thoughts, our bodies just move by themselves and a playfulness we didn’t know we had just bursts out in the present moment. If you can find this in dance, it means you have it all within you. We do not have to wait for that flow to happen to us, there are ways we can invite it to happen Sexual energy is at it’s best when it just flows naturally without expectations or neediness, we become light in our spirit and people want to be around us. During this workshop you will be invited to feel your sexuality through dance and see how you can take ownership of your own pleasure. We will explore how there can be no separation between dance connection and sensual connection, because everything you feel comes from you, not from the other. That way you can eventually be sexually autonomous. We will use tools from improvisational dance, Tantra and African traditional dances.

This workshop can be given as a 2-3 hour workshop at single events or festivals. Dance into your sexuality is also given as a five week course for women only in Stockholm twice in the autumn and twice in the spring. Check the Calendar for updates.