Dance Into Your Lust

(For all genders or women only)

Everything starts with lust! Wellbeing, happiness, joy, love, sexuality and vulnerability, through the dance we can get in contact with all our emotions and welcome them. This program or workshop is a possibility to find short cuts to a more lustful life and step into new parts of yourself. A room where we can let go of shame, fears and blockages to allow our natural life force flow through. With a mix of dance, tantra, conscious sexuality, discussion and touch, we create a safe space for an expansion of our comfort zone.

The intention with the course is to deep dive in ourselves together with other so mainly heal our relationship to our body and sexuality. Our lust is born from within us even though it is easy to connect it with people we are intimate with.

The Dance into your Lust program is given as a six week course for women in Stockholm twice in the autumn and twice in the spring. A queer online program might be coming up soon! Check the Calendar for updates.

It is also given as 2-3 hour workshop at single events or festivals for all genders. Check for example May 1-3 – Stockholm Tantra Festival or June 26-July 1st – Sexsibility Festival, Ängsbacka Sweden