Move Into Kink

I do a wide variety of workshops related to kink; dance & domination, sensation play, pleasure & pain and more. They are always connected to tantra and deep presence.

In my kink workshops I takes you on a journey to see how dancing can take us into exploring kink. When I say kink, for me it is a conscious exploration of how we can find relaxation, emotional release and pleasure through exploring sensations and power dynamics.

Asking for pain can be healing, as we release our fears and worries about unwanted pain. Dominating someone can invite you to feel a new part of yourself, the combination of both can show how surrendering in trust can be the most blissful moment. I want to show why kink can be a toolbox of both playful instruments as well as a way towards sexual healing. You can this way to connect closer to yourself and to your partner, it cannot only bring you to ecstasy but it can heal and empower you as human beings.

Twice a year Carl Johan Rehbinder and I hold the weekend retreat “Kinky Passion” in Swedish in Stockholm; a combination of Tantra and BDSM.

The fall 2020 I also opened up the Move into Kink for Womxn program.

Other teachers I work with in the field of kink are Master Berlin, Rupert James Alison from the Art of Consent and Sam Sofia Rooth.

From a previous participant at Kinky Passion

Heart warming thanks for the Kinky Passion weekend. You did an amazing work keeping a safe space, with a room where playfulness could be the road to the deepest feelings.

Lisa, your medicine circle is so healing, Calle’s drums and your dancing lifting the energy also touch me deeply. Before the course I thought that I wasn’t kinky enough, now I know differently ; )

It was a liberating weekend for me. I love the way you two combined tantra and BDSM, that’s genius and really hit home with me.

Best regards

SA, december 2019