The following are the workshops that I offer either on a regular basis in Stockholm or upon request at events or for festivals. I also customize shorter or longer weekend workshops on dance, African Roots, sexuality and women’s empowerment upon request.

Practical Consent

Let us come together and practice listening to each other and know our boundaries. Consent is hard, but the good news is that we can truly master it with practice.

Dance into your integrity

This is a workshop for all people or just women to explore how dance can be used as a tool to find confidence, heal old wounds and to love our bodies.

Dance into Your Sexuality

This workshop invites you on a journey discovering why sexuality and dance is essentially the same thing. During this workshop you will be invited to feel your sexuality through dance and see how you can take ownership of your own pleasure.

East African women’s sacred sexuality

This workshop is taught in collaboration with Sony Soniz and Faith Wangui from Kenya. We invite you to discover how you can move your hips and express yourself like a true African Mama.

Dance into Kink

See how receiving and giving different sensations can heal us and teach us to surrender into pleasure.