Africa, a culturally rich continent when it comes to spiritual presence, mindfulness and contentment – What can westerners learn from dancing in Africa?

When most Western people go to Africa they have in their mind that they are going to an underdeveloped continent and that there is so much they can help with and teach. However, this is an ancient idea based in colonialism and it is time to turn the tables around. People go to the East to study spirituality and mindfulness, instead I went to Mozambique. Let me show you how just some daily rhythm can bring your life to peace.

Dance and sexuality, how can they essentially be the same thing?

Intimacy should be like a dance. It should allow us to find that flow that comes from within us, when there are no thoughts, our bodies just move by themselves and a playfulness we didn’t know we had just bursts out in the present moment. If you can find this in dance, it means you have it within you and could also access that in you intimate relationships. Sexual energy is at it’s best when it just flows naturally without expectations or neediness, we become light in our spirit and people want to be around us. In Southern and Eastern Africa the women know all about owning their bodies and their sensuality. I would like to share how I learnt from them to take my pleasure in my own hands.