Private sessions

My focus is to give priority to clients who want to invest in coaching because healing comes over time. Through my program I offer a package of 12 sessions for you to feel the actual change within you. Read more under Lust Coaching.

However, if you easily feel stressed, have difficulty accessing your emotions or getting in contact with your physical body, I’m the person you should come to even for single sessions. I’m hear to support you finding connection with yourself and find that enjoyment and pleasure comes from within you.

I work with supporting my clients to actually feel their bodies, higher their self esteem and  heal bodily or sexual traumas. After a session the goal be able to be present with whatever is alive in your body and accept yourself just like that.

Below I list the different kind of sessions I give. However each session is customized in relationship to each client and can end up being a combination of all the below sessions. If you are attending an event where I’m teaching it is possible to contact me for a private session. Use the form under coaching.

Dance Massage

Dance and touch to free your mind and feel your body.This session is a non verbal journey of movement, shaking, dance and touch. If you easily get stuck in your head and is looking for a way to feel your body again, to be able to enjoy the sensation of your own movement, then I’m … Continue reading Dance Massage

Intuitive healing massage

Intuitive massage means that instead of following a set pattern each massage is adjusted to the needs of each client. Tensions are often related to emotional stress and the purpose of this massage is to release these tensions in a way that the emotions can rise to the surface and pass through you. The body … Continue reading Intuitive healing massage