Lust Coaching

What is Lust Coaching?

Lust coaching is a 12 session program where you will be guided to connect with your sexual energy and your lust that always lies within you. Sexual pleasure is a prolongation of joy and ease, everything starts with finding daily pleasure through for example movement, food, touch or experiencing nature. When relaxed and happy, our sexual energy easily comes through us more spontaneously. Together we will find your personal trajectory towards pleasure.

This is a program to empower you to realize that all pleasure you have felt in your life is thanks to yourself, because you where the one who opened up and the one who allowed yourself to feel what you felt. Often we perceive our lust and pleasure as something that either “just happen” to us or is given to by someone else. However, the more conscious we become we realize that there are also things that WE do to allow ourselves to feel.

When looking for pleasure, often instead we might find numbness, tension, pain or other forms of blockages. We might have experienced larger traumas or just have either inherited or developed blockages because of family, society or previous relationships. The aim is always to move towards joy and lust, but when noticing challenges in the way we stay to explore and move beyond them.

The tools used in the sessions are a combination of Dance therapy and movement, guided meditation and reflection, focusing, Tantra, Motivational interviewing, bodywork and Southern & Eastern African dance traditions and rituals. Read more about my methods under Private Sessions.

When working with me we do a try out session to later evaluate if the 12 program is something for you.

I give one on one in person sessions of 2h in Stockholm by Odenplan, or online sessions of 90 minutes. The 12 sessions can be spread out over 3, 6 or 12 months.

Contact me for a free try out session online, for a hands on session in Stockholm or for booking a private session during a festival I’m teaching at.

Feedback from a previous client after 12 sessions:

Lisa helped me connect the dots.
She revealed layers of mine that I didn’t know, they existed.
She guided my through very difficult moments and old hurtful feelings
that surfaced and made me crumble – and through all that I felt savely
and strongly held by her amazing presence and warm heart.

What surprised me was, that in contrary to my suspicion that online
sessions cannot be as intensive as one-on-one encounters, I felt very
connected through our video calls. Not only was Lisa able to read and
feel small but innerly huge movements and expressions of mine but also I
do see the online sessions as an advantage today:
I feel less dependent on the presence of a therapist or facilitator when
I want to go into deep and healing states; or to help myself when I feel
stuck or apathetic.

After the course of just 12 sessions my life and myself lightened up and
I am empowered as a woman and a human being.
I really loved how Lisa’s sessions are so lively, we did have talks,
when necessary, but we also moved a lot, went into movement meditations
and resolved and explored parts, problems and patterns of mine not
analytically but “practically”, that is to say embodied.
With her approach I can deal with my traumas much better and more
integrated – they are not a stain anymore, which I need to avoid, they
are part now of my embodied history.

Lisa showed my that lust, pleasure, flourishing and confidence are not
something only few chosen/lucky women have, it is something I can
achieve – without being dependent on anybody else.

After this time I feel wiser, my mind is clearer and I can sense
multiple effects on my whole being.

Thank you from the heart