Dance into your Queer Lust – A six week program online!

6 week online program for Queers starting Feb 4, April 1, May 20, Sep 16 & Nov 11, 2020! They all start with free intros, sign up here. For other upcoming programs, join the mailing list for info!

Move into Kink for womxn

Free online intro Feb 7 and 21! A 12 week physical program for womxn (cis & trans) in Stockholm combining dance, tantra & ropes & domination play! Only 8 spots available! Start Feb 23 and Sep 21. Apply here. 

Planet Magic Ecstasy – Weekend Retreat – May 13-16 – Skeppsudden – Sweden

Come to our planet for a queer kinky dance experience! Planet Magic Ecstasy is an invitation to a world that we long for. On planet Magic Ecstasy, you are welcome to a space of facilitated play where we can move beyond gender, sexuality, race and other limiting norms of society. Read more and apply here.


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