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Womxn’s Retreat – Dance into Your Lust – at Ängsbacka!

You are invited to a weekend emersion to dance, laugh, let go and bring out our sensual selves. Dates Oct 9-11!

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Dance into your Queer Lust – A six week program online!

6 week online program for Queers starting Nov 10 2020! For upcoming programs, join the mailing list for info!

Move into Kink for womxn

A six week program for womxn (cis & trans) combining dance, tantra & domination play! Only 8 spots available! Second block this semester coming up: Start Nov 10th

Tanzanian Kitchen Party / East African Tantra

A women’s ritual held before marriage to learn proper love making. Held by Lisa and Julieth Chuwa in Stockholm. Upcoming two day event: Oct 31st -Mov 1st!


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