Kinky Poems #1 – I hold you

Foto: Carl Johan Rehbinder

I hold you
Feel the peace

Feel my presence
The sensation of my hands stroking your back
You are my love

I hold you, firmer
I bring you towards me
You are in my grip now

But you are safe

I take you harder
I pull your hair
I spank you
the whip soars in the air…

The scream
The pain
The pleasure

You can let go now

Together we are healing your wounds
With every scream
With every gasp
You release them slowly

I hold you

You let go
Waves of ease and vulnerable tingles vibrate through your body
I’m still holding you

Feel the peace

I love you
You are free now

Li Storm – 2017

A misunderstanding about the pussy (at least about mine)

Art By: Carolina Falkholt

I have been longing to talk about this topic for a long time because over and over I run into this misconception. What is true, is that the yoni truly is a magnificent flower. She can open and swollen up in a mind blowing way that she almost seems like a completely new organ (and yes, I call my yoni a she, my energetic dick is a he). She is then soaking wet, fluffy and delicious. BUT — while she is still dry, eager fingers rushing to touch my vulnerable clit to make me horny, will not do the job! This might be true for everyone, but I’m sure many of you will share my experience, se let me go on with it.

You might have thought this text was about the pussy, but in the end it is not. Our pleasure comes from deep within and wakes up through full body awareness. To make my flower bloom, it’s not about any fancy techniques of fingering or licking, it is actually forgetting that the pussy even exists until my being is alive from head to toe.

Partially, it starts with myself, how do I invite a relaxed pleasurable state of mind and treat myself in a way that opens me up? In another e-mail I might share more about that. And when it comes to my partner; I want to be massaged and tickled and feel our skins rub against one another. I love when my hair is being pulled and we make out until nothing else exists in the world but our lips. Once you come closer to my flower, my thighs desire to be squeezed (did you know that the clit has nerve endings all the way down to the knee?) and you only touch my yoni once she is already soaking wet, that is a sign that you are welcome. Sometimes it goes fast other times it will not even happen that day, but when the yoni has reached that state, no magic is needed, just presence and love.

Please feel free to read this out loud to your lover if necessary

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