Lisa Josefsson – Dancer, Space Holder and Sexuality Coach

Dance from the Root is an invitation to explore your sexuality through dance. The first step to feel pleasure and lust is to find that all of that with in ourselves. As a dancer I could find ecstasy and flow when dancing but had a difficulty to let go in intimate relations. Luckily I found that I already had the key; bring the dancing flow outside the dance floor and bring into my sexual life. Some people call in tantra, others conscious sexuality, the name is not so important, but my purpose is to guide people to owning their own sensations and experiences by learning to be present in oneself.

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Said about Lisa

Thanks to this course I have found a new way of feeling pleasure in my body using the dance as a tool. I have improved my skill in listening to what my body is longing for and found an outlet for that through the dance. I have also shifted my sexuality from no longer being about how other people look at me to rather being about my pleasure coming through from the inside. It feels amazing to feel this way instead!

[After the course] I feel safer in myself, my body and my sexuality and how I express myself when I dance. Both sexually and non sexually. I feel more comfortable with verbal, physical and emotional contact with others. I bring the dance with me as a way to relax, feel happy and safe, feel more and express my sexuality. To feel my pride and to feel sexy is now more available to me. I take with me the importance of being able to express my emotions both physically and verbally firstly when it comes to sex but also in other situations.

Lisa is amazing, genuine and sensitive.


Lisa is very pedagogical, full of knowledge, warm and inspiring. She is good at seeing everyone in the group. All the courses feel well planned and have a comfortable flow.